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Who I am

I have been in the shadows for decades honing my craft. Therefore I don't have a huge following or fan base.

My main purpose is to release free music to the world, for the rest of my life. I use original and mixtape beats. Producers and beat makers feel free to hit me up. I have powerful songs that need female vocals. Looking for a church voice. Hit me up. MCs and Rappers who are feeling the content and direction of my music, Hit me up lets collaborate on something.

If you simply appreciate the fact that I'm giving away free music or the kind of music I'm making and you want to show your support, You can donate any amount to my Gofundme and / or

Check out my E-Books. Two of the books in my four volume series are on Amazon right now. They are also available to purchase on this site.

Samson of Detroit.. A heroes fight for the soul of the city.

Spark the Revolution... A heroines origin.

Ancient Evil... A heroes quest

Heroes Rise... War

The first 3 books are origin stories and universe building. I've created a universe where heroes were given their powers and abilities by God. In the final book they come together to take on a powerful ancient threat.

My ultimate dream would be to make movies. So follow me on X, as I come out of the shadows and introduce myself to the world. So many interesting people and places. So many perspectives and ideas. Looking forward to it all.

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